13 Steps in Preparing Your Kitchen for a Remodel

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Change has finally come! You’ve decided to take the leap of remodeling your kitchen and you have your plan in hand.

But wait, before your hired contractor starts the job, better prepare your kitchen first. This should be done in order to prevent disasters during the whole remodelling operation.

If you have no idea of what I’m bantering about, I suggest you take this opportunity to know the preparatory measures you must take before remodelling your cooking space.

These things generally include emptying out your kitchen and organizing the contents.

Steps in preparing your kitchen for a successful remodel:

Step 1: Ask your contractor the exact timeline of your kitchen remodel. This will be your guide of when to desert your kitchen and to prepare the food consumable for the days of the construction since you will not be allowed to use your stove or oven.

Step 2: Prepare supplies for packing such as boxes, old newspapers, packing tape, bubble wraps, plastic storage bags and markers.

Step 3: Store away kitchen items which are used daily. Just make sure to place them in an easily accessible area because you’ll need them during the remodelling process to identify their proper placement in your kitchen. You can put your eating and cooking utensils in plastic storage bags so that you can easily unpack them when your kitchen remodel is done.

Those items you occasionally use such as baking and holiday kitchen wares, keep them in your basement or in an unused room.

Keep your kitchen items in a box and make sure to label it accordingly.

Step 4: Pack canned and boxed grocery items categorically. Say for example, set different open boxes for your breakfast food, canned goods, sauces, and spices. Still keep them easily accessible.

Step 5: Separate items you don’t use anymore. In clearing out your kitchen, you will discover items that are long forgotten and not used anymore. Throw modern kitchen out those unusable items. You can give away those usable ones, just make a list and value estimation of each item before you deliver them to your chosen donation center.

Step 6: Pack your glassware separately to carefully store them. You can use bubble wraps to protect them. Don’t forget to label the box.

Step 7: Disconnect gas, plumbing and electricity connection in your kitchen.

Step 8: Move heavy appliances in any part of the house as long as you’ll kitchen remodel ideas be able to use it.

Step 9: Take down window and wall furnishings such as blinds, curtains, rods, and wall decors. You can kitchen remodel ideas store them in plastic storage bags, then label the bag after.

Step 10: Cover furniture and electronic items in the room near the construction area. You better cover them with a cloth or plastic as a protection from dust and dirt.

Step 11: Take down pictures and wall hangings in the adjoining rooms of your kitchen to prevent them from falling and be damaged.

Step 12: Store labelled boxes and kitchen belongings that you won’t need during the renovation in your garage, basement, or to your rented storage space.

Step 13: Clean up waste and dirt to prepare putting up your new kitchen.

Proper packing and labelling of kitchen belongings will save you from the stress of setting up your newly remodelled kitchen.

There are two tricks to have a smooth kitchen renovation; this includes organized packing and peaceful connection with your contractor.

With the professional and friendly work ethic of Michael Nash, you’ll have peace of heart and mind during your kitchen remodel. Consult Michael Nash today!

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